What’s in it for you. Why I do this.

Welcome to the world of total skin health. Here, we ignore the BS and take back our power.

Hi, I'm Paayal Mahajan. The creator of the faceworkoutparty and the inventor of the 101010Technique™ and 101010Transformation™ Program.

I was a big girl for most of my life. When I finally lost the weight (over 120lbs/55kgs), the first thing that went for a toss, was my skin.

I tried it all. Botox. Fillers. In-clinic treatments. Fancy skincare. NOTHING worked. Something was not quite right.

I understood that nothing was addressing the deeper issue - the relationship between my nervous system, my stress levels, the state of massive change my body and mind were experiencing, the cellular disarray - and everything was showing up on my skin!

I developed the 10-10-10Technique™ after tremendous study. It started out as a simple, self-designed face workout program. Today, it is the world's leading healing methodology that enables YOU to get healthy skin from within.

This is not face yoga. This is not some false promise of shaming you, spewing anti-ageing nonsense, telling you to ‘get rid of your fat face’ and other garbage that people spew on the internet. This is definitely not about lying and saying you will get overnight results.

There is NOTHING wrong with you. Tell anyone who makes you feel shitty about yourself to f*ck off. Your face is NOT fat. Your lines are NOT a problem. Your cellulite and rolls and double chin are all part of being a human being. YOU are a miracle.

And I help you understand that. I help you heal your skin from within. I teach you methods to regulate your nervous system, lower inflammation, manage your breathing, move your lymph and my own signature kickass face workouts – all of which combined, help you get healthy, resilient skin! And yes, you start to glow from within with a deep appreciation of yourself!

We take this journey together. This only works if you are willing to put in the practice with me. If you are looking for overnight results, I am not your person.

If you want to finally change your relationship with your skin and yourself, if you want to understand your skin and your body better, and if you are ready to finally come home to yourself – I am 100% your girl!

Because we are no longer chasing random, absurd standards of beauty and perfection. We are coming into our healthiest, best selves, embracing our perfect imperfection, and giving a big f*ck you to everyone who gaslights us into believing that we are the problem!

I love you. Welcome home.